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Dec 24, 2008
I just installed a fresh windows 7 copy! I was satisfied with it and formatted the windows vista off my drive.. I love it, its like so fast and sleek. Im in <3 with it. But im having lil problems.

  • I cannot access My Computer, the *My computer* window either hangs or takes unlimited times to load
  • Some windows like, Notification Configuration, Control Panel. Doesnt seem to open.
  • Im having trouble using MagicDisk
  • Drivers of HP PSC 1402 and HP DESKJET 1300 Series Are not being installed
  • C:/ Drive doesnt seem to open

Please help!! =)

Thanks in advance.
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Might help to say a little what your system consists of ... cpu, ram, graphics card etc. I am using win 7 on an ancient 1Ghz Amd, with 1Gb ram and an NVidia GeForce 5200 Agp video card. One problem which I've narrowed down to the video card is that the game BeJeweled 2 Dlx would lock up the system.

With Win 7 on a laptop that has a 1.6Ghz Amd, 512 ram and Via S3G video ... everything runs fine.
Nah, not a problem with computer specs. Cause vista runs okay with it..

i have a advent 8117 laptop.
My computer opens, and then when i double click any drive

The green thing goes from left to right as in loading.. and it never loads! :S
Yeahh!! 6956! I cant even install HP PSC 1402, HP 1300 Series, MicroSD Adapter doesnt open (I.e I:/ drive) SAme things happens, it justs keeps on loading

and if i Try to browse it from RUN! Windows Explorer Hangs!
Grasping at straws here .... how does Device Manager look .... any drivers needed?
No drivers needed at all, aaah! now i want to go back to ma old windows! cause this is having pronlems! i cant go even back :( help help!!

P.S: I didnt activate the windows 7 yet. i dont noe how to :S
yelp =(

I have a screen shot, when i double click any drive. it keeps on loading..

and when i open in a new window. it works

but not with CD DRIVES!

:S its pretty strange.
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