Windows 7 Newbie to 7.0 (some quick questions)


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May 28, 2009
Hi guys

Im new here and new to 7 so take it easy on me please..!

Currently running 7.0 on an old POS lappy 1.60 ghz processor and 512 meg RAM surprisingly its holding up really well.
Though its a clone computer all but one of the drivers has been picked up, so all good there.

One thing i do see as missing which i use A LOT and would really miss is the quick launch to show desktop does it exist .... (yes im one of those who saves loads on the desktop !!! :razz::razz:)

Also Im trying to get usto to the start menu but finding it quite hard, (I skipped vista...:D) can it be made to look like the traditional one..?

Hello Paul a welcome/

Right-click on the taskbar, choose New Toolbar, now navigate to the C:\users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch and select the folder.

i suggest you tun of Show Title and Show Text
hey there thanks for the reply,

No AppData (guessing its hidden) how do i unhide\show it..

Did say i was a newbie..!

(just found the show desktop button at the end of the taskbar (by time) MS really need to make that a little more visable)

I missed Quick Launch, too, but decided to just use the new taskbar for a week or two. After a few days I didn't miss the Quick Launch at all. Give it a try.

Go to Control panel > Folder Options, click the View tab and choose Show hidden files and folders
Cheers lads,

Thanks for all that good job etc...gonna be working on this for a while lol

one last thing how do i run this "XP emulation mode" ive heard so much about it or isnt it in this build.?

Nether could I had to do a quick google :rolleyes:Link Removed due to 404 Error
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