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The latest crazy candidate for a food fad may prove to be quite a mouthful.

Raise your glass if you fancy a shot of horse semen, a purported "delicacy" that will debut at the Wildfoods Festival in Hokitika, New Zealand, in March.

"It is sort of quirky, I suppose," festival organizer Mike Keenan told AOL News, with Kiwi understatement.

"It is the protein of the stallion. It is going to be tastefully done."

The shots, which will sell for $10, are pitched as being healthy energy boosters and will be available to sample as they come or in cherry, licorice or banoffee pie flavors.

"You often hear from a female perspective that semen has an awful alkaline taste, so we thought we'd better make it more user friendly," explained horse trainer Lindsay Kerslake, whose stallions will supply the shots, according to The Australian.

"Think of it like a milkshake. ... It's all safe. We're getting the semen in the same way breeders do, using an artificial vagina and storing it in the formula they use."

Festival organizer Keenan joked that New Zealand's recent international sporting success in rugby league and netball were because of athletes imbibing stallion semen.

"The Kiwi rugby league team and the New Zealand netball team found [stallion semen] is better than Viagra and has helped their performances very well," he said.


The Wildfoods Festival has built an international reputation for challenging the taste buds of attendees.

"We had bull semen here in 2003," said Keenan. "Deer pizzle has been offered -- the penis of a deer -- boiled up.

"We have huhu grubs this year, too. Depending on what wood they live in, the flavor of wood comes out in them. Some people say it is like peanut butter. You can have them barbecued or chocolate-covered."

The March 12 festival has won several tourism industry awards and one year attracted more than 23,000 tourists to the small coastal town, regular population 3,000, located on the west coast of New Zealand's South Island.

Keenan said he did not yet know how the recent earthquake in Christchurch would affect this year's festival, but the event is projected to bring approximately $3 million to the local economy.

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