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Discussion in 'Windows Security' started by Mike, Aug 4, 2011.

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    We need non-bot related topics in here. This isn't Let's try for original content or create a single latest news thread for that kind of stuff. reghakr was prevented from posting here because his messages created major DMCA problems with some publishers. I am not saying it will happen again - the admin team (current and former) is unanimous in our desire for this forum not to be a collection of Internet news articles. Let's work on making sure that isn't the case - by publishing quality content.

    What can constitute quality content?

    Messages that serve a purpose and use 3rd party articles as reference or source material only.
    Messages that have a thesis statement or idea attached to to them.
    Messages that pose a question or involve the audience.
    Messages that expand upon pre-existing ideas or propose unique ideas of their own.

    We have had this problem for a long time here and its unacceptable. Further posting of gibberish news will need to be deleted. A sticky link to or a tutorial on how to add IT Security News to your favorite news website is better than posting a hundred articles in this section. Please try to help clean up this area. We have bots for this kind of thing...

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