Windows 7 News update : Left for dead 2


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Taken from the excellent :

Looks like someone might have let the cat out of the bag. The Japanese gaming site GNN has revealed what could be two new levels in the upcoming zombie slaughter fest Left 4 Dead 2. The two campaigns are Dead Center and Hard Rain, which will apparently be the first and fourth levels respectfully. Dead Center appears to take place in what turns out to be every zombie’s favorite stomping ground, a shopping mall. In contrast, Hard Rain seems to put players in a refinery of some sort with, as the name implies, lots of water to let the games weather effects flex their muscles.
Though as of now these two levels are in the rumor mill, it’s hard not to get excited about these posters. They look pretty authentic and follow the art style of the previous posters to a ‘T’. Then again we live in a day in age where I can make a cat on Neptune look legitimate. Gotta love the Photoshop…We’ll just have to wait for Valve to grace us with their knowledge on this subject and of course we’ll update you from there.

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