Newtorking issues

Ok, so I recently purchased a new desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium. At home I have the desktop, an internet router/gateway combo from my ISP, an XBOX360 wired to the router, as is the Desktop, a Samsung UN55C7000 LED TV with wireless connection and a Samsung BD-P3600 Blu-ray player that I do not have connected to the newtork.

My original setup had the computer, XBOX and tv all connected and was able to stream video, etc from my shared folders on my desktop to my XBOX and tv.

Then I got greedy. I removed the wireless connector from my tv and tried connecting my Blu-ray player- to no avail.

It seems my blu-ray player can find Youtube and the internet well enough, but when I tried connecting to my computer, it couldn't find any shared files. After a day of trying everything I could think of and cursing a lot, I removed the wireless USB adapter from my blu-ray and put it back into the tv.

Only now, the tv cannot connect to my desktop to stream video- but can still find the shared folder created by Vuze. So if I want to stream video from my desktop to my tv, I have to use Vuze.

The same thing happened when I removed the wired connection from my xbox and attached it to the blu-ray- BR won't find the computer shared files, and when I re-connected my XBOX, it can't find my regular shared files, in fact, when I ran the "Connect to PC" test, it can only find the Vuze shared folder, and not my PC.

So I've left and rejoined my HomeGroup with my Desktop several times, all sharing is on, the network sees the tv, and xbox as media devices, says sharing is on, but they are no longer seeing the shared folders on the CPU.

Last thing I tried was going to the Media Streaming Options (which had my XBOX and TV set to "ALLOW" this whole time) and removing the XBOX and TV, and then re-adding them.


So now my my Media Streaming Options are limited to the devices on "All Newtorks" which is my Desktop.

Long story short, HOW can I re-add my tv and xbox? what is going on with my shared folders?

Why does Windows networking become more frustrating with each new version?

Thank you.

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