Windows 7 Next GTA is already in development

Next GTA is already in development

Expected for a late 2011 or early 2012 release
A number of sources, including Wedbush industry analyst Michael Pachter, are expecting the new chapter in the Grand Theft Auto franchise to arrive late 2011 or an early 2012 release. Our industry sources confirm to us that the title has been in development for some time.

While Take-Two Interactive and developer Rockstar has yet to make an official announcement, whispers we hear suggest that the announcement is likely to come during E3 in June. The next chapter in the GTA franchise is expected to contend for the title of best selling video game of all time once it is released. Suggestions that the game could sell as many as 20 million copies over the lifetime of the release might not be out of line, according to analysts we spoke with.

While no one really knows exactly how long the title has been in development, the clues suggest that it could have been in development for as long as four years by the time it is released; and may have as many as 200 developers working on the project. The game uses the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE) and will be the largest and most advanced title ever powered by this engine.

Of course, Take-Two and Rockstar have nothing to say yet, but from the whispers we hear a later 2011 release for the holiday is what Take-Two might want to do; but they could choose to move it into early 2012, just as the company did with Red Dead Redemption so that the title could face less competition from other publishers.


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so 2013 for PC then... based of previous releases, would settle for that if we get Red Dead ported in back end of 2011


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Great idea, Highwayman. Red Dead Redemption is easily Rockstar's best game. More thought and heart went into it than GTA. It has a lot of merit to be ported to PC.


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so 2013 for PC then
Yeh totes, getting a bit tedious, I'm still waiting for AC2:Brotherhood... I really hope its as open as San Andreas, and with the same ceiling. That fighter jet was great.

would settle for that if we get Red Dead ported in back end of 2011
For sure, the little amount i have actually played made me drewl. That would be a nice gift from Rockstar, weird they released it on PC, I mean the bulk of their followers originated on PC.


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That said, rekindled my love of GTA4 this week, playing the Liberty stories edition (Lost & Damned / Gay Tony) on my new cpu, its stomping an average 55 FPS according to fraps, near enough maxed out in 1080p which is a good deal faster, and its wowed me totally, even my 4 year old daughter likes playing it (when I can get her off DIRT2 or Flatout 3).


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even my 4 year old daughter likes playing it (when I can get her off DIRT2 or Flatout 3).
LOL!! Oh man....

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