nForce 680i ethernet not detected

Here is my issue:
  • Device Manager does not detect any network adapters.
  • Upon starting up the newest driver installation from nVidia, it only has 2 things to install. (NVIDIA SMBus Driver, NVIDIA Storage Driver) There is no option for the ethernet driver or anything else I may need.
  • I was previously using Windows Vista, and I had no problems with my network adapter in Vista. (I attempted to install the beta a while back and had the same problem I am now, however I have an actual paid version this time.)
  • My version is x32 bit.
What I've tried:
  • "Scan my computer for changes in Hardware" in Device Manager. Nothing changed.
  • Tried installing a fake driver then hitting "update driver" obviously that didn't work.
  • I've gone into the "Ethernet" folder in the Nvidia files and hit every .exe in there. Nothing worked.
  • I've resetted my CMOS settings.
  • Ran the Driver file as "administrator" nothing new came up.
As far as I can think, this is what I've attempted to do so far. Any help is greatly appreciated, I don't want to see $120 down the drain because I can't get my ethernet port to show up. Likewise, I'd prefer not to buy a new motherboard or ethernet card.

Thanks for your time.


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Have you tried compatibility mode?

As in running the Driver file in compatibility mode? Yes. I've tried Vista, Vista Sp1 and Sp2.

I doubt it, I've never installed updates for it, actually can't say I would know how... lol.


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Well depending on the make, there should either be software to make the process easier or full instructions on the manufacturers web site. What's the make of the board?

Manufacturer is EVGA

Victory! Apparently it was my old bios. Seriously, I don't know how to thank you.. I was quite upset when I found out that I wasn't getting anywhere again. I'll add reputation for you? If anything else I can do lemmie know =D I'm excited now.


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Great news! Now you can enjoy 7 as intended..:)

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