NIC settings locked while Windows thinks about it...


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Every time I plug in my NIC card Windows blocks all attempts to change the IP address, claiming it's "busy". I can switch from a static IP profile to DHCP with NetSetMan no problem, but not vice versa, having to wait until after Windows has given up trying to get a DHCP address or something, even when it's not set to DHCP.

If I plug into a non-dhcp network and open the Local Area Connection Properties while the network adapter is busy thinking I get a pop up "Some of hte controls on this property sheet are disabled because one or more other Network propertysheets are already open. To use these controls, close all these property sheets and then reopen this one." which prevents me from opening TCP/IP and changing the address to a static.

Basically I have to wait 1-2 minutes every time I switch networks which is pretty stinking often! Especially if I'm changing an IP of a device from default to a new subnet...

Nobody else experiences this problem?

I think it's related to the Network Location Awareness service and it's trying to discover if it's been connected to this network before. The problem is if it's not a DHCP connection it just locks me out while it attempts everything...Flipping ANNOYING!

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