nightmare with network user name/password

Hi All,

I am having problems with my daughter's laptop accessing the internet with her wifi, She accidentally reset her laptop back to factory settings. She also didn't make any recovery disks. The problem is now the laptop keeps asking for a network user name/Password when she tries to access the internet.

I have researched this issue but to no avail. I am curious as to how to resolve this issue. I feel the only way may be to reset the wireless router back to factory settings and start again.

My question is if i reset the router will i then be able to reset the network user name and password?.

Thanks for any assistance.

Well, I think the problem is more like to originate from the PC than from the router, so resetting the router might not help at all. Is it Windows or the router that's asking for credentials? What credentials are you entering? A windows user's?


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If you're using DSL it might be asking for the ISP login & password.

Hi Alberto,

When my daughter selects the connections icon. Our router SSID is in the list. She then presses connect and that's when the when we are prompted to provide a username and password. I have tried using the ones we set up the router with. Plus have tried various combinations using WEP key. Even windows log in information. But still no joy.

Hi helpifIcan,

I think it is DSL. We have tried using the ISP information supplied by our provider on install and set up. But it still is not being recognised.


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If it were the wireles key there would be no request for login only for the key. Is she the only one using wireless?
Can she connect with a cable?

Hi helpifican,

My daughter is the only one using wireless. However numerous family and friends all use wireless devices. I.E Iphones, Ipads etc. They only ask for the WEP key.

It is only her Laptop. I think she did use the cable but no joy.
I just thought. The ISP provider software would have been removed during the restore to factory settings. If i restore the software hopefully this should solve the issue?.
You crystalised the idea by mentioning the cable. Because i am sure she hard wired the cable and no connection. But id the ISP software for the router is not on the laptop then it wont connect?.

Would you agree?

Hi rubble, is it possibile that Windows asks for an administrator's account credentials on you daughter's laptop to authorize the connection? I don't think ISP software is needed at all if you're using a router and the router should also be taking care of the ISP credentials. Also because then no other devices should connect either, wired or not. Is you daughter using an admin account on Windows?

Hi alberto,

I think she is using an admin account. But difficult to say as i am at the office. But i think when i set the laptop up she was give administator access.

Could you post a screenshot of the user/password prompt? Does it provide any information? What do the graphics look like? A Windows prompt or something more elaborate?

Hi alberto,

This is pretty much the authentication tablet that opens when clicking the wirless connection. Other than this there is no further information.


What make and model is your router?

Its a Siemens Speedstream 4200

Try username: "admin", password: "admin". Without the quotes. It's the default account for your router, even though I'm still puzzled as to why it should be asking for those credentials. If you haven't modified it that should do it if it's asking for the router credentials. Let me know if it works out!

Will do. I will try it out this evening when i get home form work. To the best of my knowledge no changes to the settings of the router have been done.
Many thanks for your help alberto.

I can't guarantee it'll work unfortunately, rubble, it's just my best guess! Still, glad to help out! And good luck!


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OK That is the request to access the router not the internet.
You need to look at the URL in IE to see what it is.
If this is the same thingthat is happening when connected via a cable than it is not the router or the ISP modem. I assume another cable connected PC works fine.
When I see the info in the your attachment it is when I access my router to make changes. I open IE and put the IP address of the router (some routers use a name). I have seen some routers that when they default back to factory setting they automatically.
I know you asked about reseting the router if you have a PC that can connect to the router you might what go and check the settings.
The other thing you can try is to use the setup disk for the router to see f that helps.



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This is a strange problem, and I have been trying to think of something that would have been reset with the Factory Restore which could be causing the strange logon dialog.

All I can come up with is making sure your daughter is in the same Workgroup as your LAN. If she were not, she may be able to get internet access but not LAN access. But you would know if she had Local access only.

Since the Speedstream is not a wireless device, and is not a router, what wireless router are you using?


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Found this maybe??????


Hi everyone,

Once again can i just thank you all for helping with this nightmarte. In response to saltgrass. The router is wireless. We have had it for the past 3 years. Have been using it wirelessly all that time. Plus there is a wireless indicator on the front panel that lights up when wireless activated.

alberto, i did try your admin/admin suggestion. As you pointed out it would possibly not work. I have to say you wre correct. So spent another fruitless night trying various passwords. All to no avail.

helpifican, i will try your suggestion on manually trying to access the wifi. I did try manually to connect to the established network. (speedstream1969). But this did not work either.

I not sure if i am reading it right.

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