Ninite: Install multiple programs in seconds with one click


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Setting up a new computer is sometimes fun. But installing tons of applications takes a while, so sometimes you set that aside and forget to install them, just to find you've got to read a PDF but you don't have a PDF reader. Or maybe you need to see a website, but you forgot to install Firefox/Chrome and don't like Internet Explorer.

A while back, I read about Volery. It was a website that you could check little boxes and have it install your favorite programs for you. It got shoved out of my mind for a while, but as I think about upgrading to Windows 7 (I'm on the RC, which expires in March), I was dreading how long it would take to install my programs.

Volery, now named Ninite since it came out of beta testing, can install all your favorites in seconds. I went to the website to see how long it takes, and to my surprise it took longer to patch together a few screenshots than it took for me to install the programs.

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This seems to be the third posting about this utility. It was posted under another thread a couple days ago and now it appears twice here.

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I tried this on my virtual PC and it works fine. The down side some of these freebies are bundled with things you might not want like Yahoo Toolbar, Ask toolbar etc. so I assume they are installed automatically. Some programs install to C drive by default and that may not be where you want it on a dual boot PC.


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I posted this under the software category and Water Cooler section, that;s it.

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