No Audio Device Detected for Voice After I Installed Windows 7


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Ok, so I have a Gateway desktop computer, and when I got it it had Windows XP on it, Everything was fine then, my audio all worked perfectly. But when I did a clean install of Windows 7 suddenly all my sound was gone. I looked in Start>Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Manage Audio Devices, and it said that there was "No audio devices installed". So I unplugged my headphones and plugged in my usb speakers that came with the computer. Suddenly windows 7 installed some magical software and now I could hear. But, there was still no device for a recording device. As of now I don't have a microphone but I want to use a pair of headphones for one, but I can't because Windows 7 will not pick up the fact that there is hardware plugged into the Mic Jack without a device installed. So I was wondering if anyone knew where I could download and install a device so that it will work.

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First check if the microphone works on another computer. If it works properly, try the following suggestions to check the result:

1. Right click on the volume icon in the system tray and then click "Recording devices".
2. Right click on the blank place in the popped up window and then select "Show Disabled Devices" and "Show Disconnected Devices".
3. Right click on Microphone and then click "Enable".
4. Highlight the microphone and then choose "Set as Default Device".
5. Click Apply.
6. Select Microphone and click on Properties.
7. Click on Levels tab. The default Microphone Boost is set to 0, increase it.

Also, if there is any sound card software installed such as Creative Console, please double check if the microphone is unmuted.

For more information, refer to: Connect a microphone, music player, or other audio device to your computer

If the issue persists, run the troubleshooting tool by going to Start -> Control Panel -> Troubleshooting -> Troubleshoot audio recording.

Also, you can use Speech Recognition to test Microphone


1. Click Start, type “Speech Recognition” (without quotation marks) and press Enter.
2. Click “Set up microphone” and follow the Microphone setup wizard.
3. When you reach “Adjust the microphone volume”, please note if the volume bar moves from yellow to red.

Is the Setup wizard complete? If the microphone works properly, we can eliminate hardware problem from the possible causes of the issue. Check to see if the issue persists in the Third-party software.


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No, this did not work. I even tried plugging an mp3 player into the line in jack to see if that worked but it doesn't. I need to install a device but I don't have one to install...


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Can you state as much information about your device? Manufacture, Model, serial number etc..
Are you using Windows x86 or x64?

It's 12:17 AM here and I'm going to sleep soon. If no one has answered by morning here, and you gave the information, I'll find a driver device first thing in the morning and post a link.

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Okay its a Gateway GM5048 Serial: CCZ5C 110 00670

It has Intel Pentium D Processor 930 and if you need anything else just ask.


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I meant the information of your headset + microphone, not the mother board.
But anyway, here are all the drivers for your board, including sound (though I don't think it's a sound issue but a driver specific to your headset)

Just choose your OS.

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