No audio device installed


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So I installed Windows 7 professional and It has been working wonderfully until the last month or so... I booted up went to youtube tried to watch a video and guess what?!? No sound :(

I have looked for my speakers in the device manager but they are non-existing.....

I'm stumped...

any help would be awesome!!

If you need more info just ask


What is your sound card?

Did you have sound in Windows 7 before this problem started?

Do you have your sound card on the Device Manager list under Sound, Video and Game controller group? You may need to reinstall the sound driver with its latest version.


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I had windows vista home premium SP 2 before i had windows 7

If I could find the specs for it i would tell you what kind of sound card I have but whenever I go looking for it its non existent.....

and in device manager there is no Sound, Video and game controller group. the driver that I had in vista before I installed 7 was the conexant High definition audio driver 221.... if that helps...

Edit: yes I did have sound before this happened every now and then when i boot up I will have sound like nothing happened but not every time...


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Was this an upgrade or a "clean" install?

If it doesn't appear in Device Manager, I would suggest you open the case and make sure the card is securely seated.

Or is it on board sound.

Try downloading SIV (System Information Viewer) 4.05

this will give you all the information you need.

Click on System > Machines > Devices


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this is what it told me

High Definition Audio Controller (nVidia MCP67 High Definition Audio)
Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221 (Conexant High Definition Audio (HERMOSA)) (Internal High Definition Audio Bus)

and I chose the Custom install in the installer.... it but my old files in a windows.old folder... so maybe it wasn't a "clean" install

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It gives me the error of "device not found"

and if you mean totally wiping my hard drive of everything then no... it wasn't a clean install

its an HP dv9910us


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Strange error message.

This is why 99% of us perform a "clean " install because it leaves useless files on your system and can cause conflicts (as you are experiencing now).

Did this occur immediately after install?

Is the DVD this a purchased or store bought brand name manufacturer PC?


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it is a downloaded ISO from my colleges Computer Science program.... and no This has only been for about the last month (Feb) which is about 2 months after installation....

would you recommend That I do a clean install? and if so is there a way to partition a part of my hard drive off as a back up?


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Yes, I would suggest a "clean" install.

Save all your important documents, Pictures, videos, music, etc to a flash drive.

Be aware, you'll need to re-install all your 3rd party applications, they will not run from the saved partition.

I use Gparted to set up all my Windows installations.

See this document for moving/resizing partitions.
GParted -- Documentation

I would give Windows 7 at least a 60 GB partition, if you're going to install the 64-bit edition, I'd recommend 100GB.

Download Gparted here:
GParted -- Download

You may have to shrink some hard drive space, then move the original partition there

If you're unsure, post back and I'll try to run you through the process.

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