No Audio Devices detected

Hey guys i have an ASRock m/board with hitachi h/drive on windows7, everything is running smoothly except cant located the audio (output) device, cant hear music, sounds e.t.c. HELP ME PLZ !!!:(

Re: No Sound - Asus M2N-MX board

hey i tried the AC97 drivers on my ASRock motherboard and doesn't recognize it

audio devices not detected

hey i have an ASRock motherboard, brand new Hitachi hard drive, running on windows7, prob is after winows was installed system can't detect any audio devices, i've downloaded Ac97, checked if speakers installed in right ports, NOTHING SEEM TO WORK

Audio HELPP !!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have a hitachi harddrive, ASRock motherboard, NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce display adaptor, PCI express on windows7... My problem is that my system is not detecting the audio devices, plz help me out i've spent hours online looking for help:(


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Re: audio devices not detected

I know that this is a cop out, but the easy answer may be to buy an inexpensive sound card.
I've seen a number of problems like this that seem very hard to fix.

I don't know why but this is one of the things I've had a lot of problems with in Windows 7.
There was another thread on here recently with the same thing.

That aside, can you see an audio device in Device Manager?
If so uninstall it and reboot and see if it will register it when you log back in.
Make sure that on-board sound is selected in the bios.

If you have all the correct drivers etc, installed it should just start working.
If it doesn't I don't know what else to try, there seems to be no rime or reason for these things.

Hopefully someone else here has a better answer.



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Re: audio devices not detected

Please stop cross posting in multiple sub forums with the same isse. I have merged both your other two threads and another single post here. This is not acceptable conduct on this forum.
Now to your problem, go here H67 Motherboard Series - Download Files form ASRock Inc. select your motherboard, select your operating system and download any and all recent updates regarding your integrated hardware including the chipset as well as any bios update they may have that might address known issues with Windows 7.

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Re: audio devices not detected

I agree with Trouble. You need to install the drivers for your motherboard. If not the ones that came on the utilities disk that came with your board, then the most recent from the website. Also, make sure the audio device is enabled in the BIOS. It should be by default but check to make sure.

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