No Audio on my Dell Latitude D810


After installing Windows 7 on my Dell Latitude D810, I've completely lost all audio. At the Dell Drivers and Downloads site, there are no audio drivers for Windows 7 and my laptop. However, I've read on other forums that people have had no issues with their audio and others who had problems, but were able to find drivers that worked.

If I remember correctly, I think my audio setup is called Sigmatel C-Major...? I can't verify that because I'm told no audio is currently installed.

I've downloaded quite a few drivers in attempts to fix this, but no matter what, I'm still told "No Audio Output Device Installed."

I've downloaded the following exes to no avail: D810_A05.exe, R99254.exe, and S1wua01i.exe.

Anyone have any suggestions to get my sound back? Much appreciated and many thanks in advance.


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I suppose you have seen and gone through the following page?

Dell - Technical Support

If it still doesn't work, some folks find downloading legacy audio drivers can help. If they do not have Windows 7 drivers, you might be able to use Vista ones.

Thanks for the help! Unfortunately, I've tried that webpage. The Legacy driver's was an idea I hadn't yet heard, but unfortunately all of the Legacy driver's I've just now tried have not worked as well.

It sure would be nice if Sigmatel provided some updated drivers for Win7...


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Dell doesn't show you system as being compatible with Win 7. I have a D800 and would never even think about using it for an advanced OS like Win 7.

My only suggestion would be fir you go straight to Sigma Tel for drivers, if you haven't already. It also seems Realtek might be involved, but I do not know the relationship between them.

I will point you to this page, but since I had to agree to get there you may have to go through the Realtek site. But it does show AC 97 drivers for Vista/Win 7. There may also be other ones there you could try, so hopefully one of them might work. Good Luck.


Yea...the only reason I was comfortable with installing Win7 was because I had previously installed Vista and everything worked flawlessly. On top of that, I ran the "Windows 7 Compatibility Test" and my audio and sound hardware was said to be completely compatible. They lied.

I intended to go straight to SigmaTel and found out that they fired about 70% of their employees a while back with no intentions of creating new drivers or helping people. It seems like they're more or less an out of business company.

The Realtek drivers were recommended to me by someone who said they worked as a replacement for Sigmatel. I don't think they have any real connection with SigmaTel. And, unfortunately, their drivers haven't worked for me yet.

It looks as if I'll have to find a new sound card compatible with my laptop. =\


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DId you go download all the "updates" for 7? I had that same laptop problem and my sound came back after it downloaded new drivers in the updates.

Thank you, but yes, I did. I've even gone back a few times to check for new updates to make sure I didn't miss anything. =\

Hey Bud,
I happened upon this thread today, march 23, 2010. I hope to god that you have been able to get your audio back on you latitude d810. i am on a business trip while I write, as boring as they are I have started to drink and am most likely drunk (to some standard). I was in a training workshop today to some Peoplesoft bull-ish that I will never fully understand, but my main problem is that I cannot watch and listen to youtube wile away from home. Which is kiling me.
SO I got that little effing red X cross over my volume icon. What the **** is this, I thought microsoft stated the D810 was compatiable? How am I supposed to watch tube8 without any sound? So I begin by going to DELL, enter my service tag, and start wiht the audio/multimedia driver. I download the little turd nugget, install, reboot, and BAM!!!! nothing....... WTF?!! (jon punches wall). I donwload Winrar and try to extract the file manually myself. to no surprise nothing happened. (fist is bloody, jon kicks wall) SO I read some more threads about how you need to use legecy drivers....eahhh Wrong! that doesnt work either. So now I have downloaded DELL driver R99254. No matter how many time I have installed this driver and rebooting nothing ****ing happens... So I do a little right click trick-nog-refy and BAM!! audio is restored. I know, what a freakin noob... I skipped vista OS altogether so I never knew about Run as administrator, but it seems to work for this. I downloaded, install as admin, rebooted and now sound is back.

I hope this helps someone out there. This was the first forum to come when searchin for "no sound on d810 with windows 7.

If you need help, go to and email me.

Also check ou my youtube page under Zombiejon.

So...this is spam...?

Well might be good advice after all..

What he is trying to say, hidden inside a rather drunken brawl, is something that might help you:

There is an option called 'Run as administrator'. If you rightclick on an executable file (such as an *.exe file) this option appears. Use that to install drivers, and other important things which impact on your system.
Indeed Windows 7 (and Vista) typically require you to use this 'run as administrator' option, and if you don't use it the trouble is that everything seems to have installed fine, but in fact didn't.

Hope it helps.

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