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This last week I have had two of computers running 7 lose their backlight, it seems to be a problem from the inverter, and I am putting it down to some kind of software issue or that some one has put in the wrong date to limit use of the RC, or a virus of some type.

The screen still works and you can see the display but without the backlight it is no good, I see a few other people with this problem but no real solution apart from a failed backlight/inverter, butI am assuming it is something else that no one has picked up on yet, you don't get two laptops going down for no reason.

So if you have any ideas it would be a great help, I am trying what I can think of but there is not to much in the way of help on the net.



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i have the same issuses with my laptop and 4500 graphics card no back light.. i install the latest drivers from intel .. and again sometimes at boot up no backlight .. soo i press power off to go to hybird and turn on agian and everything ok... iam wait to release new drivers....

yeah it seems to be a long on going problem. The problem I have found out is the ACPI (which seems to cause more problems than good), apparently it is a faulty device which causes this to occur on some computers. The best fix I could find was to replace the ACPI driver but I can't do that in 7 (apparently Vista you still could), it will not allow any other driver to install as it, or have it uninstalled so it can be reinstated new (which I think would help fix the problem)

The driver used is an old one that has being supplied back in 2006, so am busy looking for something newer or better. I found have found so many solutions but try to run them on 7 because of security they don't work.

Just when I thought windows had got it right.

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