no blue ribbon at top of home page

sometimes, and I don't know what causes it, but I don't have the blue ribbon accros the top. I can get the back arrow and :X" by bumping the curser off the top of the screen , but that is a pain, can I fix that permanently?



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Could you attach a screenshot using the snipping tool of what you refer to?

Man!, you lost me there! I don't even know what a snipping tool is>

But when the home page comes up, you know where the google home page is,
and you type in a site that you want to go to? There is, on my puter, 3 or 4 lines at the top, (Task Bar or favorites bar) the puter when you are in wordpad a popup will say "minimize the ribbon" that's the ribbon I am refering to. as you can see I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. It is also where you see "file-edit-favorites-view" that is what I am talking about. Sometimes, not always, there is nothing there. I mean the page goes all the way up to the top of the frame. There is no arrow to "go back with"
or :X" to click out of the page with.Also when I cright click my mouse and the menu comes up the "back" won't work.
Now, if I log off or shut down it comes back, but what am I doing to cause that? thanks .



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The snipping tool should be on the start menu and is just a screen capture utility In Win 7. I have to assume you are the home page in IE and a Google page which I do not have. Could the display differences be related to a toolbar you use, like Google Toolbar?

ok, found snipping tool and followed instructions. But don't know how to post it to this thread? Further instructions. Yes I am using IE9 and Google

Right click in a blank spot beside the open window, next to the tab, you should see a popup. In that popup there is menu bar and favorites bar, just click on each one and they will appear.

View attachment 11403

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lost me again......the only menue I see is-the menu I get any time I right click in a blank spot and get "back-foward, etc"


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What we are trying to get from you is, when you refer to "home Page" is this in an internet browser, and what is the address of the home page. If not in a browser, exactly where is it?

Try it this way, open your home page, with home page open hit the alt key, the key on either side of space bar. This will bring up your menu, edit, view...and so on. With the menu bar now open, right click in the menu bars blue field, then you should see the popup, now just check menu bar and favorites bar.

ok, clicked "favorites bar & menu bar" there were several other items on that menu that were checked

What I am referring to is --When, on the desk top, I click on the big blue E, (internet explorer" it takes me to the home page--that is where I am saying that sometimes, not all the time, the screen does not picture any of the bars at all. The picture goes right up to the frame around the monitor.
1. no address bar, (upper left corner
2. no "file,edit- view- favorites- tools- help Bing_dictionary boss-define-word of the day-spell check translate-hangman

nothing above this line____________________________________________
[ web-images-videos-maps-news-etc [----this is the uppermost line on the screen
[ [ inbox______________________[-----then address bar
[ [ search [-----then "search"
this is a view of what is on the monitor screen
best I can draw picture, bear with me

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Gotcha Internet explorer - then - Bing Home - Bing Community - Is that correct.

I am trying to replicate that. -
Total failure. I installed the Bing toolbar, to see if there was an answer there - no luck.
Reading back to your second post. To the best of my knowledge, there is no "Minimise ribbon" in IE.

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How was the drawing? Is suppose to depict what I see on the monitor screen when "INBOX" jumps up as "HOMEPAGE"

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Let's reset IE to their default settings and see if that helps you. click the circle next to the star, select internet options, in the popup window select the advance tab at far right, then select "reset" at bottom of window.

Now I am sorry.....what star, what circle, where do I find that/those?

I don''t know what we were trying to do but I went to tools, options, advanced, clicked on reset, and the only thing that I can see happened...isthat my automatic sign in to my email doesn't work anymore


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Maybe if we go back to the idea of capturing a screenshot of your problem when it is present by using the snipping tool "New->Window Snip", just click the browser window, close it, choose yes to save it, save it to your desktop, "Capture.jpg" is a fine name. Open it with "Paint" use the resctangle tool or arrow tool to direct the viewer's attention to the specific area where the problem is located, close it and choose yes again to save it. Then attach it to your next post, click reply, then click "Go Advanced" then select the little "Paper Clip" tool from the menu, that will open a window that will allow you to select a file to upload by browsing your local computer, find the file on your desktop and double click it, then choose the upload button and then the done button. Maybe if we can actually see the screen shot we'll be better able to help.
Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots

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Since I am still a little confused about exactly what is going on, and until you post another picture, could it be the window is above your screen and needs to be moved back. Try hitting Alt + space, then M and use the down arrow key to see if some of the window is actually above your viewing area.


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This sounds kind of like he's getting a popup window.

but I think that I am about burned out, trying to do things that I
know nothing about. I can live with the "no blue ribbon" It is just annoying.
I just go to "make google my home page" or type in the upper. left address
bar Google and I have google back until next time when "inbox"
pops up. Thanks for your time and effort, I really do appreciate it.
I will see you again, I am sure.


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Don't give up yet, you just need to remember we are a bunch of old far.s, so be patient and be willing to explain.

When I use IE to go to I get the attached window. I do not have a Google account, so I cannot sign on. It seems you are using a Google toolbar, which I also do not have.


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