no boot sequence shows on power up. goes straight to password welcome screen. It offers no screen


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General Set-Up: windows 7 64 bit. Samsung 23 inch 1920x1080 lcd monitor. Downloaded 64 bit driver from samsung. (2) BFG nforce G275 in SLI. XFXnForce 790iUltraSLI sys. board. CPU: Intel aQ9650. 8GB Corsair dominator RAM matched to board specs.
On power up there is no screen display at all until 'welcome/password'. Neither does the screen show 'press 2' to enter set-up or the quick display of my Raid 1 status with the drive numbers showing etc.
On install all of this showed. I can enter my RAID thru XFXnforce790iSLI Ultra utilities, and see RAID 1 status. or SLI STATUS. I just can't enter the bios with a screen prompt, I am 'flying blind' at the moment. Thank you.

Pull the cmos battery out from the motherboard for a minute while powered off. Replace it. Boot.

Also you could try tapping the delete key right after you reboot, keep tapping it and see what happens. You will either get into your bios or the welcome screen will pop back up. Most retail machines use the F2 or F11 keys to get into their bios where as custom built machines use the mobo specific key option which is usually found in the mobo manual and 99% of the time it is the delete key.

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