No Boot

OK here is the problem. I upgraded from XP which worked great as a clean install. The olny problem I have is my computer won't boot up from the hard drive only if I leave the upgrade CD in the drive will it boot.
I reloaded it once same thing. I called another tech guy and he said he had never heard of this happening. I need help as i don't want to keep the disk in everytime I restart.
Thanks to anyone that can help.


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Do you have two hard drives?


Yep I do Sata 500 gig and a 250


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When the Black screen comes up when you restart your computer, select the first drive in the list.

If it doesn't boot, select the second drive in the list.

If it boots, you'll need to get into the BIOS and make the drive that booted to the top position.

The Bios is correct win 7 is on c:\ drive


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