VIDEO No box too small for fat cat, video reveals


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No box too small for fat cat, video reveals

Scientists proved long ago that the Internet is, in fact, composed of 98.7 percent cats. Yet why cats -- whom evolution equipped with space-detecting whiskers -- insist on squeezing themselves into impossibly tight places is still a mystery.
A really entertaining mystery.

Some animal experts describe the box antics of cats as territorial behavior in which the feline is providing himself three walls of protection and vantage point from which to attack.

Those "owned by cats" claim, like most cat behavior, it's about comfort. Cats like to sleep in tight balls, they point out, and tight spaces help kitties constrict their bodies well past their formidable physical capabilities.

There is the slim possibility that cats do it to entertain us -- the Food Providers. Cats being cats, however, that's highly unlikely.
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