no connection for internet games

this is my problem. i cant get internet connectivity with any of my online games explorer works just fine ive checked all the settings i know about even tried some of the things ive seen on here. i am connecting through a wireless router over a cable modem. i even turned off my firewall with no effect. please help!

I have several tips for fixing connection problems in my tagline... you can check them out.

BUT in your case you probably need to click "Start" and type "Allow" and and press enter to Allow a progrm through windows firewall.

Also make SURE... absolutely POSITIVE you do have ZoneAlarm turned off. When you google for games not connecting.. MOST of the links mention zonealarm getting in the way.

thanks but i even turned the firewall completely and it still has the same problem. im not sure what zone alarms are


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Go to Start > Run,. and type cmd. Then type the following commands below


Now try ping the game server and get the IP

See what the times are Mine is typically 45ms from Google

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