No Display on my Sony Bravia TV via nvidia 9800GT


i just got myself a sony bravia tv CX520 and i also want to use it as a monitor screen so i can watch movies, play some pc games etc.

now my nvidia graphics card is a 9800GT in sli mode. the connection on that is dvi, so im running dvi to the nvidia and hdmi end to the sony bravia tv.

now prior to this it was working great until i tried to change the resolution from 1080p to 1080i, just wanted to see any difference, since then my sony bravia cannot pick up any computer signal. its driving my nuts since iv done a uninstall nvidia drivers also used drive cleaner pro and reinstalled the latest drivers and yet i still get no signal.

also my computer is running dual boot and when i load xp it works fine but windows 7 its stopped picking up signal since i tried to change the resolution.

any solutions ??


finally i fixed the issue. since i don't no when to stop or give up until the issue is resolved :D

i ended up booting windows 7 and selecting Enable low resolution video ( 640x480 ), then from there change the resolution via nvidia back to 1080p and been working flawlessly again. :D

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