No Driver for Video Card

Hello together,
1 hour ago I installed the RC Version of Windows 7 with no problems. It runs with no problems too.
But when I want to play a game, the game says, that I have to update my DirectX and the Video Driver.
Problem is, that I have an old Graphic Card (ATI Radeon 9000 256 MB) and didnt found any Drivers for Windows 7, only for XP and older Systems.
The Device Manager says that there are no problems with the Video Card.

System Information:
Intel Pentium 4 3,0 GHz
ATI Radeon 9000 256 MB
Windows 7 32-Bit Version


PS: Sorry for my bad english, I'm from germany


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Hello and welcome,

The latest DirectX 11 comes pre-installed on Windows 7. if it's an older game it probably requires an older version. Go to Start > Run, and type dxdiag to see what version you have.

You might want to try Drivers & Tools | GAME.AMD.COM

Please fill out your computers specs in the User Control Panel here on the site as well. It will then appear next to your name. look at my posting and you'll see the drop-down arrow.


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I have found if something works on Vista it works on Win 7 make sure you use the correct 32 of 64 bit version of the driver

the problem with his card is that the newest drivers are from XP... I can remember to loose the time with my old printer HSPC 1200 before I found how to install drivers on Vista....

@ reghakr

Dxdiag says DirectX11, but PCWizard says DirectX 10 (???), I think PC Wizard dont recognize DirectX 11.

Whatever, my Problem is not the DirectX (this problems I had with XP because my Video Card only supports to DirectX 8.1).
I havent any Drivers for Win 7 or Vista (but on the package of the Video Cars its says Vista Compatible, but on the Driver CD is nothing for Vista).

I will try the Drivers at the site, thx for the Link.

@ nehoma
How peter1208 said, I havent any drivers for Vista, only fox XP, and these Drivers are not compatible.

At All, I wonder that Win 7 running on my PC (especially on my Video Card).


try to do following : unzip the your xp driver somewhere on your computer, and try to make install it clicking on "find on my computer" when asked, it worked for my printer which has no drivers for Vista as well.... hope it can help.

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