"no drives detected" message during Windows 7 installation

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    Aug 19, 2009
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    After trying every possible driver with "Load driver" option without success, seeing atleast 3 BSOD's (error 0x0000007b) and being in a general bad mood i finally made it into Windows 7.

    What i did was the folowing:
    1.) i flashed the bios to the latest version (used a rather old one before (beginning of 2007 i belive))
    2.) burned the image at 1x speed (with imageburn, default settings)

    Which one did it i don't really know, but here is my advice to everyone that experiences problems during setup. First and foremost burn the image at a slow speed. I burned mine at 4x (dvdrw) several times with several different programs and had no success.
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