Windows 7 No drives found


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Jan 27, 2009
Hi, when i try to install windows and reaches the part where i need to choose a destination to install on there isnt any, I have two hard drives each partitions to no less then 50gb but none of them show up. What could be the problem thanks
Are they SATA drives? Or PATA?
What are they formatted in? (What OS are you using now?)

That'd help us help you.
Sorry mate forgot to, Two hardrives both SATA, partitioned, AMD processor 5200+ Dual core, Got both vista and xp installed on my computer, Cheers
It probably doesn't have the sata drivers on the Os disk.
Try downloading them and putting them on a floppy disk or flash drive.
Yea what sata drivers, will they not be specifc to the motherboard? ASRock doesn't have any drivers for windows 7
Hi there -- the drivers are probably already installed on your old VISTA / XP systems as the INTEL chipset drivers for your MOBO - These are also usually available with a CD that came with the Mobo. However not of much use since you can't install W7 and therefore boot.

In your case I'd do an UPGRADE from the VISTA system since W7 will then locate the VISTA drivers and use those.

If you CAN get W7 to boot try and Slipstream the drivers on to the W7 disk -- I've installed W7 on a few computers with only SATA drives and didn't get this problem - but there IS some strange hardware out there.
SATA is not that unusual now so I'm really surprised W7 gives the "No Hard Disks Found" message.

For Slipstreaming nLite works great (Link Removed - Invalid URL

W7 might be a bit early for attempting this but it works for slipstreaming VISTA SP1 into the basic install disk (and SP3 into Windows XP)

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