No Hard Drive Found, Just Installed It?

Hello, I just added a new hard drive to replace the old one that is apparently corrupted. And I'm not sure what I did wrong. I was told to unplug the power supply and the old hd. Add the new one, and power it back up with the Windows 7 installation dvd. Did that and in trying to change the order in witch it boots to cd-rom, it shows sata hd not present? I don't know why, I replaced the cords in the right place. Do I need to configure it, if so how? Please and thank you.

It is regornized in the drive section, Drive 0 Sata-0 (Has my new drive details )
Drive 1
Drive 2 sata 0 cd- rom
Drive 3

But in boot sequence in does not see it??? Please help.

Set the drive section to 2, then set the first boot device to SATA. Save and reboot. Press any key when it tells you to.

How do I set the drive section to 2 sorry?

All motherboards have a wide variety of BIOS. You'd have to check your motherboard manual online or the physical copy, to see how to set it correctly.

I see what you mean where my master drive is, the cd-rom is in that section. But everything was working fine with the old drive, let alone there was a disc read error. Which is why I got a new one. I don't know where to begin.

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