No https Connection with 3G Over Lan Connection

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    Hello everyone, This is one of my very first posts here but I've been using the resources on these forums for a very long time. :D

    I've been sharing my 3G connection via Ethernet to my other PC using the Sharing tab in the 3G connection's properties where I enabled sharing, chose the the connection I wish to share to and then enabled all the functions for the sharing, starting from FTP Server all the way down to the HTTP Web Server.

    Everything is checked but I can't achieve any https connection. I've checked if I can get an https connection on the source PC and I can. I've also checked the ethernet connection on other PCs I have to see if they can get an https connection but it's the same, no https connection!BTW I'm writing this off the PC using the shared connection and all is well except for the https connection!!

    Please I need urgent help
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