No Icons or Start Menu On Start Up

Stuart Cole

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I have an Acer Aspire M5811 running Windows 7 - 64 bit. When I tried to start my pc tonight I ended up with just the desktop wallpaper with no icons or start menu.

I tried to reboot in safe mode but the pc became unresponsive. I also tried using the system restore disc but again nothing.

Any suggestions.


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Welcome to the forums,

Run anti-virus software and check your system registry for other maladies.

Run a System File Integrity Check by hitting CTRL-SHIFT-ESC to get into Task Manager, and go to File -> New Task -> Run

or if that doesn't work try Windows Key + R on your Keyboard to get to Run

In the Run box type cmd.exe

sfc /scannow

If Windows finds system integrity violations and can't repair them, your installation is corrupt.
Your hard drive may be failing.
You may be infected with a virus, malware, rootkit, or trojan.

Most of these problems will require a complete re-install, and so you should begin the immediate backup of your files. If you did not create a full system backup, this will require a complete re-install of your entire operating system, all programs, and files. If you hear any strange churning or screeching noise emanating from your system, it is likely a hard drive failure in progress. Most of the time, this will not cause you to lose Explorer (i.e. the Start Menu, etc). Usually this is due to system file corruption or a virus.