No IDE Device!!!

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Let me start by saying that I don't know much of anything about computers as far as the technical part goes, but this is what's going on...

My laptop, it's an HP Pavilion dv6000 Entertainment PC with Windows Vista (was, then I installed Windows 7) and randomly wouldn't boot up last night after it got freezed and I tried to restart it. It would sound like it was going through the motions, but nothing appeared on the screen and then it would shutdown and start up again, and again, and again....I turned it off for the night to see if it just needed a break. It usually stays on 24/7.

Needless to say, the problem didn't fix itself. I took out the battery and this time at least the HP screen would show up before restarting itself and going blank again (BIOS part where you would hit the F10 etc). I repeated that and this time hit ESC only to get a screen that said the opperating system can't be found.

I did this again and hit the option it gave me, F10, and when I ran the hard disk self test it came back, "No IDE Device". I've found several forums that talk about this problem but not solution.

What I'm wondering is if this is a common problem that I can be walked through or if I should get professional help.

Try rebooting laptop, on reboot start tapping the F8 key, then select "last known good configuration".

Press <ESC> to enablestartup message, <F1> to enter System information, <F9) to change boot device order
Press <F2> to startup check, <F10> to enter SETUP, <F11> to System Recovery

those are the only options that I have to choose, I cant see F8 there and even if I press F8, its like nothing happening, laptop stays there for 1min and then brings the black screen that written on top-left: Operating System not found.

#4 wont see it....just tap the F8 When you do, you should see a screen with the option "advanced" select that and then "last known good configuration".

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You sir must be kidding me, I have tried it about 5 times. Once with pressing one time F8, then for the next time I pressed more, till it did not work that made me to hold F8 for whole time till the "Operating system not found" message came out. I thought the laptop has problem, so I opened it to fix the bloody keyboard, end up making my laptop's screen dark when it turns on. I hardly can read the " Operati... " comes out.

However, I learned something, NOT TO BUY HP PRODUCT ANYMORE. It's not the first time this happening, but other things that I got it is the same. Even many ppl are having the same problem, but HP members are not doing anything. I'm sure they know the problem but keeping themselves silence.

You have to keep tapping the F8 key....not just tap it once...tap it repeatedly until the screen show's.

I have tried that, nothing happening.

I may not have said that when I turn on, I have about 60 sec (+1min) that I can press F10 to go to BIOS, or I should say, press F8 for about 1min, for what have you said to do, but still no respond coming.


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Sorry, but the issue seems to be something very similar to the one I just went through on a friends dv9000, it may be a power button issue, which is a common and well known issue with the dv6000 and dv9000 all you need to do is type HP Pavilion dv6000 power button into the google search bar and you'll know that you are not alone.
If the lights (usually blue, at least on the dv9000) come on briefly and it sounds like it is gonna start, and then the lights go off and this process keeps repeating then that is definitely the problem you are having.
If however, you can get into the system bios and move around the screen with the arrow buttons and the machine seems to stay on then your problem may be something different entirely. If you can get into the bios then make sure that your bios screen detects your hard drive as being present. If not then you may have suffered a mechanical failure of the hard drive. Have you tried to boot the machine from the installation media (DVD) (after setting the DVD as the first boot device, in boot device priority inside the BIOS screen? If you can do that reliably then the issue is almost definitely not with the start button, but may very well be with the hard drive if the startup repair option on the DVD boot, doesn't detect a OS install, or even worse doesn't detect a hard drive at all to install to.

Thanks Admin Trouble for your quick reply,

I understnad, but to let you know, I have been in some other forums, even at HP, and I saw the same problems but without result. I have no problem with powering my laptop, nor with my DvD player, which I already tried to take it off and my laptop turned on and showed the "Operating System Not Found" message without DvD player too. Also, at BIOS part it said too that No IDE deive.

At BIOS, the APATI CD/DvD... boot device is at the first part, from long time ago. I have tried many ways, tried to hold the Turn Button for 30-60sec, without power and then turned it on, nothing, used the recovery CD (before when my DC/DvD player was working) and nothing happen, tried to install Windows 7 but nothing happen, nor the Windows Vista from my friends, same result. Tried to install it by USB, nothing happen.

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