No "Install Now" option

I downloaded the file 7100.090421 x64 RC of windows 7 from the microsoft site, burned the .iso to a dvd using ImgBurn, rebooted the computer and booted from dvd. After the loading windows files screen, the Starting Windows screen shows up, then after that it goes to a blue screen (not bsod) with designs on it. This is what I'm assuming is supposed to be the 'Install Now' screen for starting the installation, but there's no text or options whatsoever, just the background image.

I have vista installed, and I want to install windows 7 on a partition that I've already made. I tried burning the iso with different programs, but i always run in to the same issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Nothing After the Initial Screen?

I assume you are not getting to the Install Windows 7 screen. Since you're using the X64 install, I assume you have an Intel or AMD dual core. If you don't, stick with the X86 version.

A Thought

Make sure you are burning your ISO at a slower speed if you are having problems with the finished product. I've never had a problem with a X4 burn.

Another thought

You might try extracting the ISO to a folder and running setup.exe from there. You can pick the install partition when you get the Install Windows Screen. (UltraISO works great for that purpose.)

I have an Intel E8400, running x64 Vista at the moment.

Trying the install via mounting the .iso right now.

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