no internet access - using ics and vpn service

hello ,

im trying to connect my xbox wired to my computer, and sharing a vpn connect to xbox.

my computer connect wirelesly to a router, my xbox is connecte wired to my pc.
i've created a vpn service , on the sharing tab of the vpn service i open a combo to share this vpn with the xbox lan.

the problem is that after connecting to the vpn, i have "no internet access" at the xbox lan, if i delete the vpn service , i do have a internet connection.

i tried the other way by making a bridge connection with my wireless and xbox lan, but with this connection i cant connect to the vpn.

the reason that i need the vpn service is to "fake" my region over the net and buy games, watch netflix etc.

i need help.

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hi all

wil someone explain me pls why my pc does geta vpn ip but the xbox which wired isnt ... ?

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