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I'm running Windows 7 and just recently i can't get access to my internet. A "!" will come up over the NIC icon, and it'll stay like that for a very long time and sometimes it may go back to normal, and sometimes it won't. I already tried stopping that Bonjour thing which has been said to be causing this but that didn't work. Sometimes if i unplug my router and wait a few seconds and then plug it back in it'll work for a few minutes then it'll have the "!" again. I've had this router/computer for like 2 years and this is just now happening. I normally connect wireless but since this has been happening i've been on LAN or whatever.. like Local area connection, instead, because i thought that would work, but it still has the same problems. Does anyone have a fix to this? :frown:


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We need a ton more information about your system and networking.

After that please go start>search>cmd>ipconfig /all . snapshot the output and upload it to us

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