No internet at all , Windows 7

Friends laptop im working on had Vista, internet stopped working.
Couldnt figured it out so i reformatted. Few days later, I am finally set up with Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit SP 1.
Used a bootable flash drive, which was a task on it own to get working lol.
Its a Toshiba laptop, According to system information it has 4 gigs of ram (3.5 usable) AMD athlon dual-Core.
Now according to the UserManaul it says its a Satellite L300, then Pro L300 ,then L300D, then PRo L300D. So i have no idea why the manual has 4 different names on the cover no idea what exactly this laptop is. just thought i would share this confusing matter.
And i dont have any of the Cd's or software that came with the computer, from what i know, nothing came with the laptop. and it was originally installed with Vista , with multiple partitions.

So after formatting blal blah....Well here I am windows 7 working fine just no net access.
Now i can use the wireless feature, and i can bring up a list of wireless connections i can try to connect to, there are about 8 or 9 random weird names, but they all require a pass phrase or security code to connect to, so that doesnt help me.

Now im just trying to use the NIC card to go straight to my dsl or cable modem or whatever to connect to the net, just like my regular Desktop computer. But it wont work. It will try to establish a connection but will eventually say im connected to an unidentified network with no IP or net access.

I have tried cmd in admin mode to release / renew the ipconfig, and that doesnt help either.
I usually get a Media Disconnected type similar message and sometimes a DHCP error, but more often a media disconnected error.

I have tried that Winsockfix program, that didnt help.

Now in Device Manager, under network adapters i have 2 listenings my Realtek Nic card which i tried updating or changing the driver, didnt work. and my Wireless adapter listening.
There are no Conflicts or problems, UNLESS i go VIEW> show hidden Devices.
Then under OTHER DEVICES, there are 2 Unknown devices, with Exclamation points...

Another point worth mentioning is, when i have my cable plugged into my NIC card, the GREEN LIGHT IS SOLID, and theres an ORANGE light constantly blinking.
I hear it could be a sign that the card is damaged, or most likely the card is just sending/receiving.

I also have a switch on the front side of the laptop i beieve is for the wireless adapter, and it is switched to ON. I even tried having it switched to off, has no effect.

I have also finally went to network connections, and I only have 2 listening one for wireless and one for the realtek NIC.
I have tried disabling or reenabling both or one at a time, with no effect. same problems.

Anyone here have any ideas??
Maybe update the cpu firmware? i doubt that would do anything.
I mean The network card and wire less adapter are both installed problem says there are no problems in device manager, but i just cant connect to the net and then those 2 unknown devices are kinda worrynig me, not sure how to remove them or fix em. I tried uninstalling them both but they just come back as unknown.

Any one here have any help or ideas?

Iv been googling and reading for the last 3 days, and finally get this far. and im stucked. no idea.

Im thinking a Problem with the network card or something maybe its not connected properly but doesnt make sense since the computer is recognizing it.
Then again theres no way to take this lap top apart, with out special tools or anything, the basic 10 screws on the bottom dont loosen anything lol.

Can anyone help/


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Hi Confusion,

Try updating all drivers especially chipset as this will hopefully rid you of your unknown devices. The latest drivers can be found here:

Laptop Driver Downloads:

If your unsure as to which lappie you have exactly the follow the links on the left hand side of the web page. Another app which may also help is SiW (System information for Windows) and can be downloaded here:


Lastly, to really utilize the 4GB of RAM then using a 64bit version of Windows would be a better option. (if possible)

Yea i tried both those links, downloaded that lan sweeper or whatever but it needs an active internet connect to download a mysql server feature of the program in order to install.
Which is my main problem of not having any internet access at the moment lol.


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So after formatting blal blah....Well here I am windows 7 working fine just no net access.
Now i can use the wireless feature, and i can bring up a list of wireless connections i can try to connect to, there are about 8 or 9 random weird names, but they all require a pass phrase or security code to connect to, so that doesnt help me.
Have you checked with your ISP to see if they have the relevant information? They may even have sofware that helps in setting up the machine...


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OK, since you have no means to connected to the wireless networks that are available (evidently they are not your's since you don't seem to know the passphrase) then please concentrate on your initial efforts to obtain a connections using the wired connection. Connect it back to your router and open a command prompt and type
ipconfig /all > C:\Users\johnsmith\Documents\IpAll.txt (replace johnsmith with your username) use quote marks (") if the path has spaces ("C:\Users\john smith\Documents\IpAll.txt")
This will add a text file called IpAll.txt in your Documents folder, please attach it to your next post by clicking reply, then "Go Advanced" then using the paperclip utility from the menu bar.
I'm going to guess that the results will either be incomplete (missing default gateway) or APIPA (Automatic Private IP Address (169.254.nnn.nnn)) so;
Determine what the addressing scheme should really be by obtaining the information from a computer on your network that actually works, and then;
Try assigning static values to the properties of IPv4, in the properties of the wired NIC on the problem computer. For instance if the working computer is showing something like, (IP Address) (Subnet Mask) (Default Gateway) (DNS server)
Then on the problem PC duplicate everything except the actual IP address and change this by using a one off number, instead of
Change that last octet to
See if that provides any better results, by first attempting to ping (from a command prompt) the default gateway
If that is successful attempt to ping Google's IP address
If that is successful open a browser window and in the address bar type and hit enter
Keep us posted.

i will try what you suggest but remember, on the laptop ( the problem computer) when i try and renew or release ill get an error similar to MEdia disconnected or something similar, i remember wireless media disconnected being mentioned.

but i will try what you say real quickly...
i got a Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on the flash drive i wanna try installing maybe 64 bit will help, but at the moment the laptops going goofy cause i downloaded the upgraded the bios from 1.5 to 1.8 got it all from the toshiba canadian version of the site, thought iw ould help but the computer was having problems booting up into windows 7 32 bit, but i finally got it back, not sure what i did rather then restart like 5 times lol....

but i will try what u posted and come back in an hour or so.. thanks bro keep checking ill keep posting

Alright well i connected with my good desktop got these results

IP v4 address
subnet mask

it also lists 3 address for the DNS server...
But i just used the FIRST two on the Laptop ( problem computer) i used the first and second listening.

then i changed the IP to end with 165 on the problem computer.

And still no difference...
not sure what the hell is going on here.

but im gonna try reformatting and reinstalling with this Windows 7 64 bit OS.and take it from there..

Any other ideas?


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I personally prefer Windows 7 in its' 64bit version, however it might be good to note that in some instances obtaining 64bit drivers for certain hardware devices can be a bit more problematic, especially older/legacy devices. So rather than introduce what may present even more problems you may want to hold off on the upgrade to 64bit for the time being or at least make sure that the hardware manufacturers (chipset (MoBo), video, audio, and network) have 64 bit drivers for you available.


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Alright well i connected with my good desktop got these results

IP v4 address
subnet mask

it also lists 3 address for the DNS server...
But i just used the FIRST two on the Laptop ( problem computer) i used the first and second listening.

then i changed the IP to end with 165 on the problem computer.

And still no difference...
not sure what the hell is going on here.

but im gonna try reformatting and reinstalling with this Windows 7 64 bit OS.and take it from there..

Any other ideas?
Sorry we were cross posting simultaneously.
It looks like in the above case your are connecting directly to your ISP's provided device, since those appear to be live (publicly addressable ip addresses). I wasn't aware that this was what you were doing, so in that case, whenever you disconnect one computer, which has already acquired an IP addressing scheme from your ISP, and connect another, you will need to restart the ISP provided device, wait till it has completed posting (booting up) and then turn on the newly connected computer and allow it to get new IP addressing information. Do not attempt to set the IP addressing scheme manually, return all settings for IPv4 to "Obtain Automatically".
In the case of most ISPs this will work without a hitch, but some ISPs (Verizon comes to mind) have a DHCP lease time that even if release in advance of this process, may still take up to two hours to actually give the newly connected computer a new IP addressing scheme, even after a reboot of the device. Others like comcast for instance, just requires a reboot of the eMTA and the newly connected computer when brought on line will get new address information.
Sorry for the confusion, but for some reason I thought that you were using your own router in between the ISP's device and your computers.

yea no worries no router.
just going straight the dsl or cable modem whatever it is to the nic card....

I have left it plugged in over night and still no results, so this shouldnt be the case of what your describing with the wait time for the dhcp server or whatever to be renwed..
i dont wanna call my isp cause im oweing them money so im in no position to be asking them questions lol.
I have tried too many times with IPv4 and IPv6, ( they are both installed) set to auto detect with no results.

Iam installing Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on the laptop now.
if this doesnt do anything id ont know what will..

The canadian site for Toshiba for my laptop does have upgrades for windows 7 64 bit, but still i doubt any of those will help my problem... i will wait and see.

But yea i am using SHAW up here in canada, and they are always reliable and automatic and never any problems. so the ISP shouldnt really be a factor here. as far as i know....
Ill post back in an hour with an update once i got 64 bit windows 7 installed n running.


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Leaving things (anything) on will not necessarily help the issue. You can determine the DHCP lease times from your ISP as they will generally be included within the ipconfig /all information "Lease obtained" "Lease expires" generally they will include a date/time stamp and subtracting one from the other will tell you how long the lease is for.
Rebooting the entire network, computer off, DSL/cable modem off and even unplugged (battery removed), wait a couple minutes, replace the battery, plug it back into the wall, turn it on (if it even has a power switch, often they don't), wait till all lights on device are as they should be usually green and solid. Then start the computer.
If you can provide the following information on the wired adapter we can perhaps make sure that you have the most current adapter driver for the device
Open device manager, expand network adapters, select the right click the problem wired adapter and choose properties.
Select the details tab and change the drop down arrow from Device description to Hardware Ids
Right click anywhere inside the "Value" box and choose select all
Right click it again and choose copy
Paste that information into your next post
Keep us posted.


Alright, i got Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit installed.
It didnt do anythign, same problems.
plug in the cable to the nic on my laptop i got a Unidentified network no net access blah blah
Heres the information you requested on my NIC for Hardware IDs...

does this tell u anything? cause i dont get it lol..

But if i go to Device Manager .. VIEW settings, and view hidden, i still get 2 Unknown Devices... with exclamation points...

If i right click each, go to properties., then Details Tab, then on the drop down menu select Hardware IDS. it says
For both mind you...


ok sorry the SECOND unknown device says the exact same except, its 1901.... instead of 1900.

As far as i can tell this is the only conflict in the computer , which im guessing is causing my problem.. no idea what these devices are, or why no windows 7 os will install the right drivers and recognize them.....

And for the record i dont know the history of this lap top... maybe it was damaged. or something was spilled on it... but its alll clean from what i can see..
but it makes no sense. that the WIRELESS adapator and NIC cards are all recognized and installed.. but i still cant get on the net, this is weird..


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First go here Realtek and download this
Win7 and WinServer 2008 R2 Driver 7.037 2011/1/24 615k, not sure how it will come down, but you may need to use 7zip or another utility to extract the contents, then use device manager to force a driver update for the NIC and direct the have disc step to the folder where you have extracted the drivers, will probably have two folder 32 and 64, pick the 64 for your install.
The other "other devices" could be anything the TOS probably just mean Toshiba, it may be a built in card reader or infrared or bluetooth device that you will need to figure out by going to the Toshiba website and see what they have. Also make sure that you've caught up all the other drivers that they have there now that you have a new 64bit install, (chipset, video, audio, input devices, communication devices, etc.).
For some reason the link to realtek is acting funny. Try to copy and paste this into your address bar and see if it works to take you to that specific download

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all i can see on that realtek site link is data sheets and audio , not sure if im missing a link somewhere. trying to searching tho.
think i should be able to extact it all into a folder on my USB flash drive and then load everything that way, ill try if i can find that download...
Iwill try that.. give me Half hour or so maybe hour at most from this post time...

Then i will post bac then i will try going back to that canadian toshiaba dl site... but hopefully the Bios upgrade doesnt ruin my computer before... lol. i choose the right bios update but my laptop wouldnt reboot had to reformat thats why im on the windows 7 64 bit now. lol this laptop is retarded


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What a pain. Can't seem to get you a link that will actually take you to that specific download in one click. It is a very small zip file so I have attached it here for your convience.
Hope this helps

Just a thought confusion, if you manage to get setup OK you might want to consider placing a router between your machines and your ISP's modem.
A router will provide a very robust hardware firewall.
If you install a Wi-Fi router it will even give your network wireless capability.

Yea no idea what the hell is up now.
finally downloaded your file, saved to flash drive, ran on the laptop , run setup.exe then i get an error " this version does not support Windows Vista"

But according to the ISO i downloaded and installed and the SYSTEM in control panel i got window 7 ultimate 64 bit.

So dude, maybe u have some steps or an idea of how i can completly i mean completely WIPE this entire god for saken laptop completely clean, boot off my flash drive n do a fresh install of windows 7.
I always had an hunch that maybe i didnt reformat and reinstall properly. but i mean the new OS installs and im running is i can view settings n whatnot and it all appears to work and recognize everything except those 2 unknown devices...

With the vista on the boot flash drive i would reboot off flash drive, get the recovery fix it type screen, choose command prompt reformat c drive.. reboot off flash again then install vista..
Now with windows 7, i do pretty much the same thing, but now this file u sent me is saying im still on vista? wtf right?
theres more then meets the eye going on here , and i like to believe in a hardware issue failure but it makes no sense since everything installs as it should, once again minus those 2 unknown devices....

I dont know bro, im about sick n tired of trying for the last 3 days.. dont know what else to do ...
I tried running your file you sent me under admin priv, still same results...

Gives me that unsupported vista error, but im on windows 7.. wtf eh?

Are there any commands in DOS prompt u know of? that will wipe regesty, like fix boot fix mbr, they were so simple to use in xp from bac in the day maybe they have changed.. not sure... i have no other ideas man, this is just retarded..... lol...
maybe u just gave me the link to the the WRONG download.. ?and maybe its all just a simple matter of updating my NIC card, but that still dont make much sense to me, but could be a possibility but iv tried a few, and they installed with no effect, im just totally out of ideas here...

Only thing i can think of is.. Theres a Second partitiion remaining on the computer...
go to control panel, Admin tools then comp management, then in the left frame on the new new window click on Disk management under Storage.
And i have 2 partitions, both say Healthy...
Ones a simple basic RECOVERY PARTITION Which i cant remove.. the other is the mani partiion with system,boot,paie file, ect ect.

so maybe the partitions arnt the problem, but still, something is wrong, maybe u just gave me the wrong link to a wrong drive which isnt for this laptop maybe thats why i got the vista compatibility error i dont know... BUT if u did give me the right file, only problem i can think of , is this computer still thinks vista is installed some how which is messed, cause i have already formatted like 4 times and reinstalled 4 times with windows 7.. should no trace of vista anywhere...

So my guess is as good as yours man, unless u know of something else i can check?

I dont have a router... and im not gonna buy one for experiment.
but i know a router wont affect anything.
Im connecting straight thru the NIC into my dsl/cablemodem. it should work.
It works perfectly fine on my desktop tower computer. know what i mean?
I unplug cable, plug into laptop, dont work, plug back into my desktop tower and it works after like 2 seconds...
I have the Solid reliabe internet connection.. just this lap top is retarded... starting to think its a hard ware issue, but Every hard issue i have ever seen, the hardware in question which in this case would be nic or wireless adpater would not install.
BUT they are both installed with no problems. so theres gotta be another problem or culptri...

I never worked on a laptop before and this is just retarded.

I read somewhere that maybe its a loose connection, and i gotta take it all apart, replug the hardware back in, maybe use a PEICE of paper folded up to help press or apply pressure when sealing the case back up to allow the hard ware to connect to the lenses or whatever.
But that problem there is, i cant take this laptop apart.... it aint that easy, im not retarded, took about 12 screws, still cant get the bottom casing off its all connected to the screen and the turning coils there which fold up n down when u fold the screen up n down, everything seems to be all one peice. or unit.
So i dont have any special tools to anally dissect this thing.
So im hoping its just a driver or conflict....

Supposedly this lap top worked perfect with Vista like about 5 months ago.
then just stopped working.. According to my GF's mother, they were messing around with some NORTON program, they cant rememer, but regardless.. REGARDLESS. i have reformatted about 6 times now.. reinstalled windows 7.. there should be no trace of anything in the past on this computer. but still the same problem persists.. NO internet connection...

danm this is frustrating time to take a sip of vodka and relax.


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First of all, the link that I included in that post was working the way I intended so I'm not sure what you managed to download, however; I did actually attach the correct file, which is the latest driver from realtek for the wired adapter with the hardware Ids you previously posted. That file is not an installable file, it does not have a setup executeable and contains as I said earlier two folders one for 32bit and 64bit (the 64 folder being the one you actually would use) so you need to use device manager, right click the realtek wired adapter and choose update driver software, browse my computer, let me pick, have disk, then browse and go to the 64 folder and double click the .inf file and that should be all there is to that.
That will at least assure that you are using the latest driver for the wired adapter, whether or not it will actually solve the issue is another question.
Since this is a laptop and it has a wireless adapter, have you made an effort to see if it perhaps will work in another environment. Friends, neighbors, relatives, coffee shop, McDonalds, or other local hotspot with free wi-fi, the problem may be a non-problem, since it would seem that your local network resources for diagnosing the issue is limited since you do not have your own router (wired or wireless).

I dont have a router... and im not gonna buy one for experiment.
I'm not suggesting you buy a router for experiment.
A router provides a firewall to protect your computer.
Connecting a machine directly to a modem like you have is risky unless you have a firewall enabled.

And you are right that connecting directly should work but like mentioned earlier you may need to involve your ISP if this is a different machine from the one you setup your internet connection with on you own machine.
I know you said that you owe your ISP money but that maybe what you need to do.

You could also try using the owner of the laptops internet connection (either wired or wireless).

And of course it could also be the hardware.

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