Windows 7 no internet connectiion


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I just installed windows 7 on a partition with xp on the sam computer. There is no internet connection. the error message is.. "Install a driver for your wireless network adapter. Windows did not detect a properly installed wireless adapter. If you have a wireless network adapter, you will need to reinstall the driver."

When i try to install a driver it says there isnt one. Its a nvidia nforce card apparently. i only have 1 computer and dont know anything about networks. Its comcast cable. The connection works good on the Xp partition.
yes...this is a known issue with windows 7 I guess...
I run a wireless connection & get that somtimes.... I drop connection & fool around with it..
& mess with it so much that I get that error...even when my connection says it has full bars...
so I system restore & the connection is back.
it is weird but I've seen many ppl have the same issue so lets hope windows 7 can fix this very soon!
vista driver for xp card

I think i need to get a vista driver for an old NVIDIA nForce MCP Networking Controller on XP, so windows 7 gets on line. The error is "Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter. If you have a network adapter you need to reinstall the driver."

nVidia's site isnt much help... Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers