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I recently windows 7 on a partition with xp on the same computer.( HP a330n ) There is no internet connection. the error message is.. "Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter. If you have a network adapter you need to reinstall the driver."

I tried installing the latest driver and the vista driver and it says " the best driver for my device is already installed. "

I need to get a vista driver for an old NVIDIA nForce MCP Networking Controller on XP if possible, so windows 7 gets on line. The mother board is asus A7N8X-LA.

This is my 2nd post about the same problem with more information.


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Have you tried going to your NIC properties and update driver . when asked to search .Browse computer for driver software. Pic from List . higlight your NIC in the box and click next.. Some times this will fix the problem of the dirver registration in the sys files. give it a try it don't work now so you have nothing to loose.. Also you may need the Vista drive model as win7 is based on the vista core.

I too had this problem, but the fix was to go to my laptop and download the driver from the card mfg. Copied it with USB key, ran the setup, and I was good to go.

jfdltd, If you mean in the local area connection / driver tab / update driver button. yes i have tried that with 2 different drivers. the older one installs but it still wont work the newer vista driver says the best driver is already installed. Im willing to try a lot more stuff before i have to admit i need a new mother board to get it to work :|

can3gxw, Im not sure what a usb key is but like i said in post above ... i have tried that with 2 different drivers. the older one installs but it still wont work the newer vista driver says the best driver is already installed. Ive tried just dragging to the desk top , from a cd ,letting it search for it and and browing to it. Any more ideas are appreciated

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Ok instead of using the auto detect. manually slect the vista driver. in the network tab local connection. under connectusing you will see configure.. (it will have the name of your nic card). click on configure and driver update driver Browse my computer for software... clcik let me pick.. make sure show compatable hardware is checked.. under network adapters is a listing of drivers .. Click one till it is highlighed gray.....then Click NEXT.. do not click have disk!! This will reinstallthe driver.. if that does not work .. you may need to update the nic. if you have an empty PCI slot purcahse a vista campatable network card aroudn $15-25 and install windows should detect and install a driver.. if not then insert the disk and install the vista drivers. A USB key is a flash drive or sdcard reader that goes in a usbport.. good luck.. Also open a comand prompt and type in IPCONFIG /all hit enter .. see if you can at least see the adapter if it gives you an error post it so some one can see if we can figure out what is wrong..

I coundn't find that exact stuff in windows 7, so i used the device manager. I get "the best software for your device is already installed. Windows has determined the software is up to date." with 2 different drivers.

Cmd in run then ipconfig /all looks like its working ok.

Its going to be a while before i get a new card, just so i can try this beta for a few months, which is probably what i need.

There is an error i get when i go to start button up to NVmixer. It says the application can not start because it couldn't detect nvidia nforce hardware on your system etc...check and ensure nvidia nforce audio codec interface components is not disabled or conflicting etc...

nic driver

I also have an asus a7n8x-x mb and cannot find a driver to work with win7. Tried installing in XP compatibility mode, driver installed fully but device manager shows "code: 10" This device cannot start.. also tried manually selecting the driver from hardware list, no luck there either. If anybody has a solution or motherboard with same chipset please help.. Thanks!!

I haven't tried it yet, so i can't be sure it will work, but I think you need to buy a network card that supports vista and install the driver that comes with it. Here's a cheap one at best buy and i saw the same one on new egg.
Dynex® - Desktop 10/100 PCI Network Card - DX-E102
Good Luck

I had this same problem with my A7N8X-LA mb. I bought a D-Link DFE-530TX network card, installed it and did not work, I booted several time to no avail. I booted today to give it another go and bingo! As soon as I logged in there was a notice that windows had loaded the software ind internet was available. I hope you have the same luck. by the way, the D-Link was $15.00 can.
Good Luck.

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