Windows Vista No Internet Connection


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Jan 15, 2009
I recently installed Windows 7 X64 beta and it tells me I have no internet connect. I have a hardwire cable from my router which connects to my dsl box. Router is Netgear. In XP it connects automatically with no problems. Any suggestions or ideas would be helpful. Also my drivers are up to date.
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I had a simalar problem with my asus based pc, try going to your router setup page and disabeling any firewalls/security setting's.

then try connecting again.

hope it helps!!!
What is the output from ipconfig /all - If you look at device manager are there any network devices? When you plug in the cable to the machine does the network adapter link light light up?
I installed Windows 7 64-bit yesterday, and I had internet connections problems. I checked the settings on my netgear router, & they were fine. I'd lost the settings for my dns on Windows though ( i use opendns). If you check the properties of your connection, and the properties for TCP/IPv4, just make sure you have the right dns settings, and also add the gateway address of your router. It's worked for me so far, hope it works for you. And this link might help
I would recommend if anything for people to reinstall drivers and see if they work. Also be on the lookout for Windows 7 drivers!!!
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