No internet/network out of nothing!

I have a pc and a laptop, both running Windows 7 RC (same version).

Both have the same softwares and updates installed and are (were) running fine.

For 3 weeks I've been running Win 7 on my pc and for a week on my laptop, no problems at all.

But today, I turned on my laptop just to realise that it won't connect to internet/network anymore.

I tried doing all the obvious things... activating and deactivating, uninstalling and installing drivers for ethernet adapter, taking off the battery and taking out of the plug, clearing stuff related to connection on cmd, deactivating ipv6 and so on... nothing works!

Yesterday it was working fine... I didn't install anything, nor updated anything.

I made this new post because I couldn't find anything like this... they're either people who never had connection, or ppl who loose their connection after something happens... which isn't the case here. If I posted sth already posted, I'm sorry.

Thanks in advance.

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