No Internet TV in media Center


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I am running Windows 7 on a new computer with no TV tuner. I am unable to see Internet TV or Netflix in Windows Media Center. When I try the automatic download (Download Now) option, I get an error message that the Guide cannot be downloaded.

After looking at these message boards, I have tried turning off my firewall before downloading and tried adding the Media Center programs to the allowed programs in my firewall application, but I still get the same errors.

Theres your problem right there, you need a TV tuner card. With out it it's impossible. A simple google search is all you need to do, this is what I foun doing a search. There are many to choose from and at a price to fit any budget. I use Hauppauge Win TV HVR-1800. It's what came with some OEM machine I bought and stuck it in my current build.

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I need a TV tuner card for Internet TV? I know I need one for live TV and I'm considering making that purchase, but I didn't think it was necessary for Internet TV or Netflix, neither of which are working. I appreciate the link for when I'm getting ready to buy.

What are you wanting to watch specifically? With Hulu and Netflix you need to download there service in order to use them, Hulu is free and Netflix is a paid service.

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