No Internet with DHCP, works fine with static IP

I can join the computer to the domain and get a IP form the DHCP server, can see network and do everything within the LAN but I don't have internet access , if I change the settings to use a static IP, i get access to the internet.

Anybody have ideas to fix this?

A little more info, are you receiving DNS address' from the DHCP server upon connection?

Yes I'm getting a IP from DHCP, I can see everything in the network, I just can not get out to surf the web

Thats not what I asked. I asked if you were getting DNS address' from your DHCP server? You don't need them to have a functioning LAN network, just need them to have internet. I realize you are still getting an IP from DHCP, I need to know if your getting DNS address' as well.

Yeah sorry I misread....I do get DNS addresses, I even try providing the DNS address manually but had same problem

What router are you using? Is your internet plugged directly into it? If so, through a WAN port, or just a regular LAN?

I'm getting the router information to answer your question. I did the following test, used DHCP, with a a static DNS and internet......checked the IP assigned by DHCP and enter this same address as a static other changes....and got internet access. I changed nothing but use a static & dynamic IP, and the address was exactly the same.


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Is your server forwarding the unanswered dns requests?

OK, I found the problem, it was on the DHCP server the router setting in the scoope, router IP was wrong, then DHCP was assigning the wrong gateway address, once I change the router settings internet access came back usign DHCP. Thank you guys for your help.

glad u fixed the issue. happy windowing 7.

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