No Log-In Screen when turning on computer


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Hi everyone!
Today I have been experiencing some problems with my computer with trying to turn it on and I am noticing 3 things that are unusual
First of all, I am noticing that when it turns on, there is no where for me to log-in. The blue background shows up like normal and I have a cursor to move around so it is not frozen-just no user image and nowhere to put in my password.
Also, I am noticing that the size of everything on my screen (what actually shows up), is larger than usual, including the cursor which is much larger than normal.
The last thing that I am noticing when turning on my computer is that if I leave my blank screen sit for a minute or two, it will automatically start to restore the system, so I don't know why it would be doing this if i never made a command for it. Is this normal for a computer to do?
*The only thing that I can think to do is to run in safe mode and try to solve the problem there-however, when I turn on my computer in safe mode, the exact same thing happens and in fact the screen looks the same. So even in safe mode I can't log in and the abnormalities are the same here too.
If someone knows a way to help (and I am not too good with computers so full explanations to help me or simple step-by-step instructions would help a lot!)


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im not sure if when it does something automatically, that it is restoring-but rather it says that it is checking for system repair solutions-is this the same thing? again, i have not commanded my computer to do this so is this normal for the computer to run like this by itself? Thanks!


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I think I have seen systems where, if the logon screen is left alone, it will do something on its own..but I do not remember exactly.

If you can't see anything, you might try typing in your password and hitting enter. If it sounds like it has logged in, you may still not be able to see anything, but hitting Winkey, right arrow, right arrow, u should shut it down. I get involved in things like this when I do not want to turn on my big screen in order to turn the computer off.

What type of video output do you have normally? On some occasions, HDMI outputs have been involved when a resolution changes or the type of output changes.