No log on button using ie9 when going to

I installed ie9 on my new Windows 7 Satellite notebook.There was not a log in button
to see when i went to I missed the fact that the log on button was supposed to be there.Went to Firefox and everything was O.K

is O.K. when going to of which i have an account for a while.
The poor people at Kodak went "nuts" i guess after my emails to them.

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When you are on that site, with IE9 try clicking the compatability button.
It's the little square button immediately to the right of the address bar which looks like a page of paper torn in half. See if that helps.


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Try what Trouble just said. That should do it. If it doesn't try resetting your browser.

I will do what you said i should try
Thank You

I updated post to say on FireFox everything was O.K.

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