no logon servers available

I have Windows 7 installed on a VM. After I start the VM and try to log on as Administrator, it displays "There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request."

Are there extra steps to configure logon capabilities?

This VM in Hyper-V is running on a 64-bit Windows 2008 Server R2 machine.

Is the client connected to a domain or is it a stand alone client.
This problem might be a problem with the DNS configuration on your client. It might also trick you if you've installed this client from a WDS server because then the image you installed from might have been pre-configured to join a domain but not setup the correct network configuration or it's unable to reach the DHCP that should give the correct configuration..

If you know the local administrator account password you should be able to set the correct network settings or just logon as a local user.

Hope this helps otherwise let me know :)

Thanks for the quick reply! I have only one password on this machine, and that's the password for the Administrator account. When I use it to log on, I get this "no logon servers" error. So, I'm prevented from logging on to inspect or change my domain settings. (It would be nice if Hyper-V had a way to change the domain settings of the VMs that it hosts.)

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It may be more VMware related did you install SP1 on a Windows 7 host? They've got really knowledgeable people on their forum.

#3 first of all :) Is it correct that you are using HyperV and not VMware?
I still think that you should be able to logon locally on the client. Try typing the computer name\Administrator and then your password so it looks like this:
This is a server logon screen however it looks quite like the client :)
Then you should be able to logon or you will get another error.

Hope that helps, otherwise let me know :)

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