Windows 7 No longer able to logon


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Hi, I'm hoping someone here will be able to shed some light on a problem I've just had. Was using my laptop as normal, running the RC1 of Windows 7, checking my emails and looking on the internet (firefox 3). Outlook 2007 froze, not responding, then the whole laptop froze, and the aero elements of the display seemed to be turned off, i.e. all the screens had solid borders. I managed to turn it off and restart from a ctrl-alt-delete procedure, and upon restarting the computer it took a good five minutes to boot to the logon screen (normally this is about twenty seconds), and then upon logging in to the administrator account, it took another ten minutes of saying 'logging on', and then an error message appeared saying the profile could not be loaded, and it could not connect to the SENS service.
I can't get past the logon screen, because when I get the error message it takes me straight back to the logon screen. The guest account won't load either.
I've tried numerous restarts, but I get the same problem every time. Its asked to do a disk check and also a 'startup recovery procedure', but none of these have helped.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated, because I have a lot of coursework on there which I really need to get to!!