No native Vista drivers for ATI Radeon 9000?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by torbengb, Nov 4, 2006.

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    Nov 4, 2006
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    Hi all!
    Is there no native Vista driver for the ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 128MB?

    I've looked at www, (and but the only Vista driver pack is "catalyst_8-31-100_vista32_rc2" which doesn't include the 9000 cards.

    I also searched in the forum but only found this one thread that doesn't appear to be about my issue.

    My computer gets a rating of 1,0 because the graphics suck (other components get ratings of 2,6..4,8). But I don't think the graphics card is the problem -- I just need proper drivers. Are there really no Vista drivers?
  2. I Know!

    ...i got the same problem ... same card ....

    .... the vista beta driver used to support 9000 .... what happened?
  3. no such thing as legacy

    suggest you advise amd that there is no such thing as a legacy device and tell them to provide a radeon 9000 vist capable driver or else you'll take your futue business to another vendor... Intel for instance.

    I noticed my End of Life Intel Pro Set 2100 wireless card is still supplied with vista drivers for vista rtm, even though intel admit this is likely to be the last release for this particular device. Good on Intel, at least they appear to have rememebered they have legacy customers this time... shame that AMD have forgotten their roots on this occasion.

    Regards Pete

    AMD 64X2 running vista very nicely, shame my ati equiped laptop can't do the same.
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    That sucks

    I have the 9000 which I like but WTF

    I have a motion computing tablet PC and the company is making vista drivers for every other machine they make but of course, not the one I have.

    It really sucks when you have to go buy the OS (Luckily I didnt :p) the upgrade stupid crap like your graphics card just for it to be supported.

    On my laptop, I have everything working to a t (along with a complex bluetooth setup)

    But I cant get f-n sound to come out of the speakers.

    email me with your thought
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    i am ready to boycot radeon ati for this very same issue i have a del latitude d600 and there are no drivers besides the (wmmd?) garbage vista gives us.

    if ati dosent want to develop drivers they should allow another company like microsoft to procure the resorces to make their os work better.

    this in my opinon is a betrayal on the laptop market forcing consumbers to buy new laptops just so they can use vista which in my opinon is dispicable.

    i plan to contact ati tomorow (monday) so i can at least inform them they are going to lose a customer simply because they refuse to make software to backup their hardware.
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