"No Network Access" and "Limited Connection/Connectivity" ?

Hey, I am really hoping someone can help me solve this problem, it's driving me up the wall!
When I started using my computer this morning everything was fine, and then "no network access" kept appearing, along with "limited connection/connectivity". I would troubleshoot the problem, but then at the end of the troubleshoot it would freeze, and my screen went black, so I had to turn my computer off and then on again. This problem has persisted throughout the day, I've googled it but nothing really the same as this has turned up .. if someone could please please help me, I'd really appreciate it!

Did you try to refresh your router? Right click on your network connection and click refresh.
You can also try to unplug the power of your router, wait for 30secs then plug it back in, it should work afterward without getting any error messages.

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