Windows 7 No network cards.


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May 6, 2009

I have just installed Windows 7 RC1, but there is no network controller.
There is none present in the device manager either as "Other devices" or Not able to start.
I had an wireless card in the computer when I installed, and when I tried to install the LAN network drivers, as I thought it was that it wass called Network card blabla #3.
So it looks like windows has installed the 2 onboard network cards, but for some reason hidden them totally.
I have tryed to install the 680i Chipset driver, but it does not enable me to install network card drivers.
I have also tried to install ForceWare Access manager, it just tells me that there is no NVIDIA-Hardware/Driver not found.

Anyone have any suggestion on this?

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dag Lars
And you say there are no "Network Adapters" showing in the Device manager? What is the make of the adapters?
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Sorry the late answer.

No theres not even the "Network Adapters" line present.
The make is NVIDIA NForce.

I have created a case with Nvidia, and it has been forwarded to Level 2, so waiting for answer.

I have installed an PCI adapter, so I could use the computer, and now after some use the Nforce adapter showed up, then after a restart it disappeared again. But atm the adapter is present.
You could probably try to go into the Device Manager and install/update the driver using the disc (Windows should be able to find the driver from the disc and load it).

Nope, unfortunatly.

I have tried to run the driver installer, it informs me that there is not supported hardware.

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