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Today, you usually cannot get an o.s. disc when you buy a pc. They have these partitions which are not as effective.
I was thinking of getting a pc with no o.s. and buying Windows in a retail store. I would buy my programs and would therefore have the discs instead of this new idea of entering keys when you format and reinstall.
For drivers I would go to the manufacturer.
Can you buy a pc with no o.s.?
Does this sound feasible or is there a better way?
Thank you

Hello Peter,

To get a PC with no OS, you're most likely going to have to build your own.
To get a Recovery Disc for your current system, you can do this yourself by using the Windows 7 recovery options to create a disc or download from Microsoft a recovery ISO.
For more help see here; Create a system repair disc
You can also contact the PC manufacturer and request a Recovery CD at a relatively low cost.

Hope this helps



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Thank you,Don.


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You also need to distinguish between a system repair disk and a system recovery disk. The former can repair problems with some system files but is not capable of running a full recovery in the event of a catastrophic problem or complete hard drive failure. When you buy a new pc it will, typically have no disks supplied with it but there will be a utility on the hard drive to create a set of disks for yourself, burning them to one or more dvd's from the recovery partition which is stored on the hard drive. You should always make at least two sets of such disks. They will enable a complete recovery to the hard drive as on the day of purchase. What it will not do of course is recover any applications installed, updates, user data stored or settings etc. If you want to be able to recover your system back completely to a recent state including any installs etc then you need something like Acronis True Image which will enable yo to make such backups, preferably to an external hard drive. I maintain at least three of my most recent Acronis backups. It is an excellent backup system, not expensive and you can download a full trial copy from here:

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I appreciate your information.
I have made my 2 dvds and also use Acronis.
I was thinking ahead to the time I need another machine and really don't want to be with out the os disc, regardless of the other backup options.
But I will see what is available when I get ready. Right now I have greater concerns that I have posted under Win 7 software.
Thanx again

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