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    Hi all,

    I have a system that has only one option for login: a standard user w/o admin privileges. I'm trying to do a "Windows Easy Transfer" from an XP box. Anyway, in order to do that, I must have admin privileges on the offending W7 box. I have admin privileges for my own account, but I don't get an option to log in as myself. Looking at C:/Users, I see my own profile and an admin account. How can I get around this?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Run command prompt from programs/accessories, right click on command prompt and run as administrator. In the command screen enter:

    net user administrator /active:yes

    Then log off and back on again logging into the administrator account.

    Make whatever changes you need including creating a new user with admin privileges if your need. The disable the administrator account (it is a security risk leaving it enabled) by running command prompt as administrator again and entering:

    net user administrator /active:no

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