no secondary hdd

my device manager says my secondary drive is attached and working properly but I can't seem to access it, is there something I'm missing or is it one of those things that hasn't been fixed yet, I just built a new system with a 64gb ssd and a 1tb hdd and ssd is reading wonderfully but not enough space on it for all my stuff... Thanks in advance for your answer!


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Did you format the 1TB drive? They dont come formated when you buy them new.
Right click Computer and click manage. Then click disk management on the side there. Right click the unallocated space and choose new simple volume. Format it in NTFS and make sure you give it a drive letter other than C.

I would if it would let be but it doesn't give me an option to do so, it only give me the option to convert to dynamic disk or gpt and offline and property...

Do you have a storage controller active in there? If you do you might re-install the drivers for it. I had some issues getting the drivers loaded for my Marvell storage controller- loaded on them on a usb during windows y x64 install but had to re-install them after windows finished installing.

I can't even install the driver because it's not compatible with win7 x64

What is the computer manufacturer? They might offer x64 and x86 versions of the drivers on their website.

the computer is a home built, if I take the primary drive off and start it, that should make it primary and load windows onto it right?

Not sure. Which is the primary- the 64 gb ssd or 1 tb hdd? More system info would help, ie HDD and storage controller type, RAM etc. But you may try taking the primary off and load windows onto whichever isnt showing up. If it is a driver issue, however, you won't see any disc at all duing windows setup and your only option will be to load a driver from flash drive.

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