No sound after installing update

You'd think I'd know this one by now, considering the EXACT same thing happened to me last year.
Today I installed some updates to Vista. As soon as that was done, my sound went out.
I tried updating my drivers, it said they were already up to date. So I tried doing the rollback, but the option was not available.
Any suggestions?


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Hi- yeah, un- install your old sound drivers, then try it. Or go to your manufacturer website and download. What update was it that gave you this problem again? I don't like the way something keeps knocking out the sound mechanism....

Okay, I have tried everything in the last week. I tried to update my drivers, they are already up to date. I tried to do the rollback, but it's not clickable.
I went to and downloaded new drivers, uninstalled my old ones, installed the new ones and rebooted.
Vista overwrote what I did and they still don't work. I changed my preferences and chose "never check my drivers when I connect a device" and it still does the little pop up window and overwrites everything.

What am I missing here? Any suggestions?


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What does the "Device Manager" say ? Any error codes, yellow exclimation marks etc. ? Did you reboot after installing?

Device Manager says the device is working properly, and that my drivers are up to date. And, yes, I rebooted.
I have actually tried this several times, with no luck.


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Hi, have you tried using 'system restore' to get your system back to the state it was in before the updates were applied? You could then investigate the updates more thoroughly and avoid if necessary.

I tried the system restore last night, but it's been too long now and it won't go back far enough.


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Have you tried un-installing the updates?

Is that possible?! How do you do it?


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If you open your control panel and open 'uninstall progam', you''ll see written on the left hand side of the window 'view installed updates'. You need to click on that and then find the offending updates. To delete the update just click on it like you would to uninstall a progam. Some updates don't uninstall though so I hope yours isn't one of those..
Good luck :)

UPDATE: My speaker configuration was out of whack, a friend of mine talked me through the changes and I HAVE SOUND!! It's a wonderful, wonderful thing!! :D

And I'm NEVER letting Vista update, ever again.

Thank you all for your input and help!

So what have you done?????

I had a friend walk me through every step of reconnecting the speakers. It turns out they were plugged into the wrong port all along, and Windows BEFORE the service pack was able to compensate for that and found them anyway. After the service pack, it no longer recognized the wrong connection.
I reconnected them as though installing them for the first time, picked the correct configuration in the pop up window and viola! Sound. It's a wonderful thing.

If you are having trouble also, I recommend contacting a Microsoft rep, I had one e-mailing me back and forth trying to help. It was just a fluke that my friend figured it out first.


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lol. You were very lucky to get such cooperation. Hardly a Microsoft problem
By the way,
"And I'm NEVER letting Vista update, ever again."
Why do you feel the problem was related to Vista updates?

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